About the Gallery

Founded in 2010, Galerie Sogan & Art is a Singapore based art gallery specializing in modern & contemporary Asian art. Through research and education, the gallery strives to instill the concept of culture, as well as historical and contemporary issues among artists and art lovers.

Galerie Sogan & Art works with Institute Seni Yogyakarta, National University of Singapore, The National Art Gallery Singapore, Singapore Sculpture Square as well as established and emerging artists in Asia. It will create and run a series of artists’ educational residency.

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  • Featured Art

    Art Stage Nocturne: Sarah Choo & Jolene Lai, 15 Jan – 19 Jan, 2014

    SEA Platform Collaborative Project: Sarah Choo & Jolene Lai at Art Stage Singapore 2014

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  • Featured Exhibition

    Art Stage Habeas Corpus Alfredo Esquillo, Jr. – 15 Jan to 19 Jan, 2014

    Alfredo Esquillo, Jr. Solo Exhibition at Art Stage Singapore 2014

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  • Featured Article

    Benefits of Collecting Art

    Imagine the time when as a child, you collected seashells, comic books, stamps and toys. Remember the joy when you managed to get a hold of that rare piece of coin no one ...

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